`Power spot`

A word 'Power spot' is used in Japan as the meaning `locations thought to be flowing with mystical energy'.

There are various places being said to be one of them.

For example, there is a view that the areas around Imperial palace is the place `Ki' energy from Mt. Fuji flows in in view of feng shui, so you'll get energy there...

Musashi Mitake shrine, which locates on the top of Mt. Mitake(929m), is also said to be `power spot' in Tokyo, and this is quite reasonable in my view.

Mt. Mitake has been said to be Sacred mountain, and monks having faith in Mountain Buddhism trained in there. People who wished to go to the shrine had to climb the mountain along steep Omotesando (the main approach to Shrine). They must have been obtain mystical energy by their arrival to the shrine on the top of the mountain.

Although cable cars are installed and we don't need to climb up the montain now, we can walk to experiment how people felt in the old days. Especially, still now, the last 3 km of the Omotesando is surrounded by over 600 pine trees including ones of over 300 years old. The atmosphere is something sacred, and mystical energy seems to be flowing.