Tokyo Discovery Class on Tuesday.

Atsuko takes the class to different places in Tokyo every week,  and we sketch different scenes of Tokyo.

Most of them are less-touristic places.

You will enjoy not only sketching but also knowing hidden good spots of Tokyo.  

We usually meet at a station at 10:30am, and conclude the class on location at 12:30pm.

The class fee :2000yen

Anyone in all levels is welcome.

The meeting place is announced in the weekly newsletter emailed every Sunday.

Please let Atsuko know by email for subscription. 

*To keep social distancing, the class will be held only outdoors for a while. We may sketch in standing. 

*The classes won't be canceled because of weather conditions. In case it rains, we will find shelters (outdoors). 

 Please see your body conditions and your feelings, and decide whether to join or not. 

Contact : Atsuko Ishikawa 


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