Kasai Seaside Park

Tokyo Discovery class in Kasai Seaside Park

It locates at the edge of Tokyo prefecture in Edogawa Ward.

As soon as we got off the train at Kasai-rinkai-koen station of JR Keiyo line, the park was right in frony of us.

It is a huge park facing Tokyo Bay.

There is an aquarium, a ferris wheel, a picnic area and so on.

But today, as we all were excited to smell the sea, we went to the closest area to the sea, Nishi-nagisa area.

This is the view from `Kasai-nagisa bridge` to the area.

One side is the forest of buildings in the central Tokyo.

And the other side is Tokyo Disneyland.

There were school kids in their excursion.

We had a nice picnic in the shelter from the strong sun and gusty wind :-)

We were quite excited to see a small mantis, grasshoppers, a crab, and birds diving into the sea to catch fish.