Basic class 

Basic class consists of 5 weekly classes, and you can get a full inderstanding of Atsuko's particular technique.

This class is suitable for not only beginners but also experienced artists.

The details of each weeks is as below.

Week1 : Introduction - About the materials, Planning your page, How to colour in Atsuko's style

Week2 : Circle perspective, Flat perspective 

Week3 : Angle perspectives

Week4 : People

Week5 : Creating depth 


We usually meet at a different cafe every week.  

The aim of the class is to give a confidence everyone can sketch.

Hope you'll enjoy sketching anytime, anywhere and anything - in holiday, at a cafe or whenever you have a spare time !

When you look for something to sketch around you, the ordinaly world looks more beautifully and more interestingly.

The class is taught in Japanese and English.

If you can't attend 5 weeks class in row, you can attend a make-up class.

Please let Atsuko know.

Contact : Atsuko Ishikawa

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