Urban Watercolors of Tokyo is a compilation of Atsuko's artwork that represents the city of Tokyo through her eyes as an artist. Urban paintings of the city's landmarks, neighborhoods, popular shops and restaurants capture the charm of the city.

This book contains prints of original watercolors (including watercolor pencils) that are placed into a handmade cover and binding. Produced in the traditional accordion Japanese style, the book can be opened and enjoyed from both the front and back. 

Also each page has short wiritings about the stories behind the scenes such as history and Japanese culture. 

They let viewers to understand the sketches more. 

The size of the book is A 5.

It has 33 drawings and blank pages alternately.

It can be a great souvenir of Tokyo's life or can be used as a `Sayonara book' to write messages to someone who is leaving Japan. 

The price is 6000yen.

Enquiries : Atsuko Ishikawa


The acordion style 

Samples of the drawings in the book

There are some patterns of the covers.

Please choose one from the photos below.  (Each pattern is limited in number.)

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